Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#5 Happy Holidays'

I ended up at the Costco after the tree lighting. I realized I needed some things, just the basics like milk for my coffee and eggs, and maybe a few other things. Mostly I needed some time away from the hubbub of the apartments. Everyone is trying to act like there's nothing weird going on. They all want this joyous little Christmas time but what about the murder? The circus? What about the blood before that? Is no one curious about these mysterious happenings in our city? I've hit dead ends on all sides of each of those cases, but I continue to scour my notes looking for something I missed. Its getting really creepy to me in Winthrop. I expect the snowmen in the park will begin terrorizing people and the latke stands will cause mass food poisoning because what else could we have after all that we've had already. I grabbed a bottle of scotch off the shelf and threw it in my cart for later, when  I'm supposed to meet up and hang out with Ed. I need a woman in my life, I decided. I need more distractions because this writing bs stories and just wondering about the real stories isn't cutting it. Who knows, maybe I was never meant to be a journalist anyway. The boss loves my work but I hate it. I want to do real investigating, not this junk that I have been writing recently. there's a buy one get one free on chicken noodle soup so I grab two.  I already wrote a brief on the Christmas tree lighting. It was alright, everybody came out and the tree is huge, but the lights were a little basic and the spectacular was mostly for the kids. There was some caroling and some small talk between neighbors but nothing truly intriguing. I walked from there over to Costco, and then grabbed a latke with apple sauce from the one that stays open late, on the corner of Blackburn and Juniper. It was delicious but the oil kind of made my stomach hurt after. I headed home and saw someone shooting fireworks off and i smiled. I hope the winter gets better. I really do.

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