Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#7: Rainbow daze

I have been struggling. I realize I have a problem but I figure I'll be ok eventually. It all started when my mom died 4 months ago. I fell apart emotionally, started drinking a bit too much, and smoking a bit too much dope... Now I was surely on my way to being layed off and I realized as much and I also realized that the news I was reporting wasnt news, so I made it easy for them and just quit. My mom left me money, plus I had a good bit saved since I don't spend much. Now I just sit in my house mostly, listening to sad records with tug and smoking and drinking. The days blur together and only Ed comes by to check on me, every once in a while. "I just dont know what to dooooo with myself... bah!bah!" the white stripes wailed. There was a rainbow, and I saw a lot of people out and about, some staring at the rainbow, some heading to the free waffle day at Karnival... "I used to love those waffles" I said to Tug. "You still would if you got your lazy, drunk, high, sorry-for-yourself-ass off the couch and got some" he replied. "Tug you cant talk.." I said, giggling to myself. Oh well, he's right I suppose, free waffles are a good reason to get out of the house. As I opened the door, the new girl from across the hall had opened her and we locked eyes for a second. She was average height, with straight jet black hair and a smile that was shone like diamonds. I hadnt had any emotional attachments since my girlfriend taren, who left after my mom died. It's been a rough couple of months. I realized i was staring, stonedly at her with a half smile drifting across my surprised face.
"Hey, youre new right?" I said.
"Yeah, I heard there's free waffles at the diner, can you out me in the right direction?" she asked.

"hah! what a coincidence... I'm headed there now, I love their waffles," I confessed.

I told her to walk with me and we talked a bit about her and then she asked about me and I suddenly felt like I could tell her anything. I opened up about my issues and how I felt like I have a purpose but I cant seem to fulfil it and how now I am just wasting away in my apartment. She told me about her life in the city and how university was fun but she too felt like she was destined to do bigger things then intern at a shitty company who made toys in china.
We connected. I was excited and we both enjoyed the waffles, and then a stroll in the park. I showed her around Winthrop and explained the crazy stuff that had taken place last year. She was shocked abuot the circus but said that murders happen way more often in the city.

Her name was Diana, and we spent a lot of time together, and our romance grew. She got a job with the school, helping the underprivileged youth in Winthrop, and Pushed me to write more. I began to let my creativity spill onto the pages, and soon a story took shape. A grand novel of the exploits of a young man in a strange city. There was romance, violence, and everything in between. I was beginning to feel.... happy?

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